FINE / EXTRA FINEמשחיז יהלום דו צדדי אדום ירוק

FINE / EXTRA FINEמשחיז יהלום דו צדדי אדום ירוק

₪93.00 מחיר רגיל
₪83.00מחיר מבצע
המשטח עם ידית שחורה 
אדום ירוק



אורך החלק המשחיז 70*25 מ"מ

אורך כללי 190 מ"מ
מיועד לסכיני מטבח או סכיני שטח ונמכר ביחד עם מעמד היוצר זווית השחזה לסכיני שף

Kitchen Diamond Knife Sharpener

Brief: 1, Double diamond side design, allow for the coarse grinding (600grit) and fine grinding (1000grit).
2, Diamond material, can be used for ceramic knife.
3, With knife holder, sharpening angle and intensity are easier to grasp.

Using instruction
1, First placed knife holder on the platform, put the knife to the knife holder at the right place. A hand grip knife handle and another grip sharpener.
2, According to the blunt knife, do as the following one, two steps:
Step one: Coarse grinding used for a more blunt knife.
According to the size of the knife blade fixed to the right place. Sharpening angle and angle of the blade should be matched, grind the knife back and forth with an appropriate pressure.
After grinding sharp, just repeat sharpening six months later, also can use according to specific circumstances.

Step two: Fine grinding for knife maintenance. It can be used when you feel the process of using the knife is not perfect. It is a necessary step for the elimination of burrs on the edge, ensure the blade smooth and bright.
Please refer to the first step about using method.
3, After grinding, clean knife with a damp cloth or water and then dry it. Clean diamond surface with a soft brush ,keep the diamond surface clean.

1,Sarpening with a slight pressure, so as not to damage the blade
2, Do not put the knife sharpener into dishwasher or water.
3, Do not put knife sharpener and knives in reach of children, as to avoid accidents.