• Small Chef's Knife - Les Forgés 1890 סכין שף קטנה


    Small Chef's Knife - Les Forgés 1890 סכין שף קטנה
    סכין דו שימושית, שחייבים שיהיה בכל מטבח.מאוד קלה בצורתה. לקיצוץ וחיתוך איתה, בצלי, ועוד עם תנועת נידנוד, לחיתוך ירקות וירקות לרצועות, לריסוק המרכיבים כגון שום או אסקלופים של בשר

    אורך להב
    17 ס"מ


    The Small Chef's knife is a multifunction knife, which is a must-have in your kitchen.

    Very easy to handle form. Slicing or shopping hers, onions, and more with a rocking motion. Cutting fruits and vegetables into strips and dicing them. Crushing ingredients such as garlic or escalopes of meat...

    Blade length

    17 cm

    Stainless steel

    X50CrMoV15 stainless steel is highly anti-corrosive and ensure a perfect cut.

    Full-tang blade

    The full-tang blade extends throughout the entire length of the handle. The knife is robust and well balanced.


    The handle is in beechwood from sustainably managed forests and it is no varnished. It is stabilized to improve water resistance. Its ergonomic design is an homage to the traditional pocket knife and provides outstanding grip comfort.

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